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Easiest Visualization Tool

When you are visualizing information, you are making it easier to Understand. To boost communication, visualization is an effective way that can get readers attention faster and engage them longer. Edraw is an amazing...


Improve Presentation

Empower Presentation with Charts and Graphs How to engage, attract and impress audience during presentation? There is an easy skill to solve this problem: use charts and graphs to make your presentation slides visually attractive and...

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Improve Presentation with Charts and Graphs

Empower your Presentation with Charts and Graphs The purpose of presentation if information communication. It will be more effective if it is a two-way communication. Unfortunately, many presenters just indulge in the unidirectional transmission...

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Create an Exploded Pie Chart

In Edraw, one exploded pie chart can be generated quickly without any hassle. You can explode the pie chart after you have created it. This is a very simple process that will take you...

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Draw a Spider Chart within 5 Minutes

With Edraw’s pre-drawn spider chart templates, a spider chart can be finished within 5 minutes. By smart, we mean that the chart can change automatically according to the data. And the floating menu allows...


The easiest way to create a bar chart

With Edraw, you can easily create a bar chart (bar graph) by importing a data file instead of scratching. The whole process is very simple, anybody can create a professional looking and beautiful bar chart in just minutes, which greatly saves your time and energy.