The easiest way to create a bar chart

Sometimes using a bar chart can present your ideas in a more intuitive way. However, not everyone is professional at drawing, and some drawing software is so hard to use due to the complicated instructions and interface. Edraw has developed an easy way allowing you to create a bar chart with just a few steps. Just simply import a data file, and it will generate a bar chart automatically for you. No professional drawing knowledge required.


  1. Open Edraw start page, and double click bar template in chart category.


2. Drag and drop “How to use bar” stencil to your page. Copy the content in “example 1” or “example 2”, and paste in your newly create text (.txt) data file.

Snap9   Snap10 Snap11

3. Change the data and save the file.


4. Go back to the drawing page, and choose a pre-made bar chart stencil you like, drag and drop onto the drawing page.

Snap6  Snap7

5. Put the pointer on the floating button and click “load data from file”.


6. In the pop-up window, choose the text file you just saved and click “open”.


7. Change catagory name by double-clicking the label, and customize your chart by floating button options. Your bar chart is perfectly finished.


8. Export your chart to other formats.