How to add a hyperlink to a shape in an presentation

A hyperlink is used for automatically displaying another page to show the referenced content. Edraw is a powerful vector drawing software, providing an easy method of adding hyperlink to an existing shape or document.

You can add hyperlinks to any Edraw shape or page. The hyperlinks can link to any of the following:

1.        Another page or shape in the current drawing

2.        A page or shape in another drawing

3.        A document other than an Edraw drawing

4.        A Web URL


How to add a hyperlink to an existing shape or page

1.        Make sure that both the file you’re linking from and the file you’re linking to have been saved.

2.        If you’re creating a link to a specific shape, make a note of the shape id and the name of the page that the shape is on.

To find a shape id, click the shape to select it, and then the shape id will appear on the statute bar at bottom of the window.


3.        To find the page name, locate the tab for the page at the bottom of the drawing window.


4.        Select the shape to add a hyperlink. On the Insert menu, click Hyperlinks.


5.        In the Type list, choose the Current Document.


6.        To link to a specific page, select the page name in the Page box.


7.        To link to a specific shape, first select the page name on which the shape appears in the Page box, and then choose the id of the shape in the Shape box.


8.        To specify a zoom level, click the arrow to select a zoom level.


Note: You can use the zoom level to show more or less detail of the drawing. Use a low number to show more detail of a smaller area of the drawing or a high number to show less detail of a larger area of the drawing.

9.      In the Description box, type a name for the link. This text will appear in the right click menu.


10.      To add another hyperlink to the page or selected shape, click New, and then repeat steps 6 through 11.


11.      Click OK.


Follow a hyperlink

Click the icon on the top right corner of the shape to follow a hyperlink.


Note: If you saved the drawing as a Web page, click the shape or page, and then click the hyperlink.


Change or delete a hyperlink

To change or delete a hyperlink on a shape, select the shape.

On the Insert menu, click Hyperlinks.

To change a hyperlink, select the hyperlink in the hyperlink list, make the changes that you want, and then click OK.

To delete a hyperlink, select the hyperlink in the hyperlink list, click Delete, and then click OK.