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4 Best Ideas to Create Diagrams

> Basic Diagram Knowledge > 4 Best Ideas to Create Diagrams
Posted by James Freeman | 11/27/2020
Best practices we've learned from our own experience and our customers to improve your diagrams instantly.

Planning Your Diagram

It is well said that if you fail to plan, you are preparing to fail.

Instead of trying to fit all of your information onto one diagram, focus on choosing information that helps the viewer understand cause and effect relationships. Often simple is the best.

Working Efficiently

Try a powerful diagramming tool like Edraw which has automated many steps. Since it has designed many smart shapes and templates in advance, users just need to drag and drop shapes or import data.

Get started quickly from readily available templates. Edraw offers thousands of high quality templates that cover almost all needs of diagramming. See some examples in the following table. Access all Edraw templates in Free Templates page.

Personality Mind Map Performance Assessment Flowchart Logistics Network Diagram
Wedding Cost Column Chart Problem Solving Circular Sports Marketing Venn Chart

Learn and use command key shortcuts. If you do this within a short time, it will be a complicated undertaking. Learn a new one each day that you use Edraw and you will get your work done faster. Start with the shortcuts that all Windows applications use such as Ctrl-C for copy.

Layout Tips

If your diagram is too wide, try using a taller paper size. For example, switch from a landscape page orientation to a portrait orientation. By giving your chart more vertical space, your chart may need much less horizontal space. As for mind map, you can try various arrangement directions until you find the most suitable one.

arrangement direction of mind map

In this regard, Edraw can arrange shapes automatically when creating org chart, list diagram, mind map and many other kinds of diagrams.

relayout org chart

Color Tips

Color can be semi-transparent or completely transparent. When you have an image background, try adjusting the opacity of the shading.

Avoid using colors that are too bright. Use coordinated colors. Two is a good number to shoot for. Some complementary pairings are: orange/blue, violet/yellow, turquoise/maroon. You can see what colors match through a Color Wheel.

Color Wheel

Diagram Design Tips

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