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Best Gantt Chart Maker

Gantt Chart is an essential tool that helps in both monitoring and visually scheduling projects. Project managers often use this tool to gain a clear understanding of the work status as it clearly shows the activities that are completed, the ones which are presently running, and the ones which are yet to start.

The shading of a bar graph will change in accordance with the project progression. The color turns into a completely different shade once the project completes. A unique thing about Gantt Charts is that it shows the names of people against whom a certain task is assigned along with the milestones which have to be crossed for achieving the ultimate goal.

Today we are going to take you through the best Gantt chart maker so that you can unleash your fullest potential in the work field.

How To Select A Good Gantt Chart Software ?

Primarily, you need to ensure that it has an intuitive interface so that users can navigate the same without facing any problems.

Secondly, you need to consider its user-friendliness as there is no point in opting for a Gantt chart software, which imposes a stringent learning curve. It also needs to provide adequate user support to keep their back whenever they face technical difficulties.

A free Gantt chart software should allow users to assign tasks and set the roles of other team members so that they can enjoy real-time collaboration and higher productivity. Ideally, the software should also allow users to attach photos, files, notes, videos, and other documents as well as share and export the same in PDF, XLSX, PNG, XML, and other popular formats.

While selecting an online Gantt chart maker, you need to make sure that it seamlessly notifies the users about upcoming tasks, changes mention as well as risky sectors that need to be prioritized before anything else. It makes sure that you never miss out on your targets and also keep the stakeholders well informed about the work progress.

Last but not least, a Gantt chart software needs to have an auto-scheduling or dependency tracking feature. It should thus adjust downstream tasks automatically by recalculation and rearranging them whenever the flowchart of previous tasks undergoes a change.

8 Best Gantt Chart Makers

1. Wrike


This Gantt chart creator stands out from its peers in terms of stellar organizational design. You can easily view task names, assignees, and both start and end date for its smooth operation. The Workload View makes it possible to have a bird’s eye view of both performance and responsibilities. Team members can also communicate easily amongst them to minimize the requirement of physical meetings.

  • The web-based platform allows the entire team to view the project and individual tasks.
  • Tasks can be easily organized and assigned to different groups.
  • It is possible to put similar tasks in different locations.
  • It doesn’t send notifications if your assigned task is completed by another user.
  • The interface seems a bit clunky.
Supported Platforms Windows, Mac, Cloud, Saas, Web
Price Starting price is $9.80 per month, per user.
Scores from Capterra 4.2/5
Official website link https://www.wrike.com/
2. EdrawProj

This on-premise project management solution can come to your rescue if you wish to manage, schedule, and even track all of your projects on a real-time basis. It allows users to create reports with specific project information and even share their status with others for greater productivity. The charts created using this Gantt chart creator can be both exported and printed for being shared with others.

  • Drag and drop user interface helps in modifying different stages of the project.
  • Baselines can be set for the scope, budget, and schedules of the project.
  • Allow users to run reports on resources, project status, and much more.
  • Auto-calculation helps in estimating the expenses of a particular project from advance.
  • Nothing as such.
Supported Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Price Starting price of subscription license is $8.25 per month with annual commitment.
Scores from Capterra Not listed in Capterra
Official website link https://www.edrawsoft.com/edraw-project/

EdrawProj: a professional interactive Gantt chart tool

  • Visualize how projects evolve over time
  • Schedule, mange, and track your projects in real-time
  • Provide various Gantt chart templates and easy-to-use
  • Easy to estimate project costs and manage budgets
  • Compatible with MS office files (e.g. Microsoft Project)
  • Collaborate with team members effortlessly
3. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

This highly reliable Gantt chart software can serve you exceptionally well while trying to monitor budgets, resources, and timelines. It can work wonders while collaborating on large projects courtesy its advanced reporting modules. Users can enjoy all the timeline details in a single view with its split screens, task lists, and due dates, all stacked neatly next to each other.

  • Driver prioritization module helps in developing workshops wherein executives can prioritize strategies in accordance with their set objectives.
  • Work perfectly offline with your locally stored files.
  • Built-in templates can be used whenever needed.
  • Not adequately user friendly and might take some time to get used to.
  • Not compatible with Mac OS.
Supported Platforms Starting price is $10.00 per month, per user.
Price Personal version is priced at $4.99 per month.
Scores from Capterra 4.3/5
Official website link https://products.office.com/en-us/project/project-management-software
4. TeamGantt


If you are on the lookout for a Gantt chart maker that can help you make the most out of the project schedule, then TeamGantt can serve as your best bet. It allows users to manage all of their tasks in an easy manner. You can even review the tasks in an attractive graphical way while basking in the benefits of team communication and resource management functions.

  • Offers separate dates of both commencing and completing a particular task for greater efficiency.
  • A highly user-friendly application that provides users with an overview of the entire process
  • The charts created can be shared without having to log into the application.
  • It might seem a bit complex on being used for large applications.
  • Importing materials from other project management applications might seem a bit challenging
Supported Platforms Mobile, Cloud, SaaS, Web
Price Starting price is $7.90 per month, per user.
Scores from Capterra 4.6/5
Official website link https://www.teamgantt.com/
5. GanttPRO


If you are searching for an intuitive tool, then GanttPRO can serve as your best choice. Users can create an array of projects and workplaces with this Gantt chart maker, which offers an easy drag and drop functionality. It even offers management options that help in differentiating permissions amongst various team members.

  • It is backed by an extensive user community who create and share templates which can be used for different projects.
  • The charts created can be shared easily with team members for project management.
  • Offer users with both workload tracking as well as management module.
  • Experiences problems with refresh rates of charts.
  • It becomes extremely difficult to undo any mistake made.
Supported Platforms Cloud, Web SaaS
Price Starting price is $8.90 per month, per user.
Scores from Capterra 4.7/5
Official website link https://ganttpro.com/
6. Smartsheet


Smartsheet operates with the main aim of providing users with a platform wherein they can store all project related information. It provides users with useful templates, which makes it easy to input all the information for coming up with organizational charts and reports. Users can even click on different parts of their project tasks for connecting their dependencies, expenses as well as other project related information.

  • Helps a lot in tracking projects by sending alerts about upcoming deadlines.
  • Allow both teams and individuals to collaborate with each other on projects.
  • Integrates with Office 365 so that users can share links of Skype and OneDrive files within Smartsheet.
  • Experiences problems with refresh rates of charts.
  • It becomes extremely difficult to undo any mistake made.
  • A little pricey
Supported Platforms Mobile, Cloud, SaaS, Web
Price Starting price is $14.00 per month, per user.
Scores from Capterra 4.4/5
Official website link https://www.smartsheet.com/
7. EdrawMax


With a user base spanning 25 million, EdrawMax serves as the ultimate Gantt chart maker, which can help you keep a tab on your operation schedule so that it flows in sync with your project plan.

  • Users are provided with a wide array of templates that can cater to a variety of career paths, fields, and needs.
  • Flow diagrams can be converted to various formats such as PPT, PDF, Word, etc.
  • It offers users an intuitive interface that can help them operate the software without facing any difficulty.
  • It serves as an essential communication tool in an organizational setup.
  • Nothing to report.
Supported Platforms Mac, Windows, Web, SaaS, Cloud
Price Starting price is $99.00 per year, per user.
Scores from Capterra 4.6/5
Official website link https://www.edrawsoft.com/edraw-max/


All-in-One Diagram Software
Create more than 280 types of diagrams effortlessly
Start diagramming with various templates and symbols easily
  • Superior file compatibility: Import and export drawings to various file formats, such as Visio
  • Cross-platform supported (Windows, Mac, Linux, Web)
Security Verified | Switch to Mac >>
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Security Verified | Switch to Windows >>
8. Instagantt


When it comes to selecting a Gantt chart software, Instagantt can definitely be termed as one of the best options available in the market. The main reason behind its popularity is that it removes all the complexity which surrounds Gantt charts so that users can enjoy an easy operation. Simple drag and drop application help in scheduling tasks as well as keeping a tab on your overall project progress.

  • The simple interface helps in task scheduling without facing any difficulty.
  • Cloud software paves the path for remote access.
  • It can be easily synchronized with Asana Live Chat for enjoying quick replies.
  • The workload feature is not adequately robust.
  • Clunky software which makes it difficult to enter time.
Supported Platforms Cloud, SaaS, Web
Price Starting price is $5.00 per month, per user.
Scores from Capterra 4.2/5
Official website link https://instagantt.com/

Choosing A Gantt Chart Software To Fit Your Needs

While selecting an online Gantt chart maker, users need to consider their end objectives. We have collated some of the most popular heads below for your easy reference:

  • Best Budget - Edraw Project is the most affordable choice as it comes with various pricing options that can cater to users of varying budgets.
  • Best Collaboration - Wrike offers a shared workspace to users, which helps them in sharing work progress seamlessly with each other.
  • Best for Beginners - EdrawMax comes with an easy learning curve making it well suited for amateur users around the globe.
  • Best Online – Smartsheet serves as an online work execution platform wherein project managers can easily collaborate on their projects for effective results.

The concept of Gantt Chart was incubated by Henry Gantt and has taken the shape of an important project management tool since then. As a graphical representation of all the ongoing tasks provided along with important details and duration of each task, managers can gain a clear idea of the entire work plan. However, for the best results, you need to consider the requirements of your team before proceeding with Gantt chart software.

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