Best 10 Brochure Maker to Promote Your Business

Every business needs an effective brochure design to make a strong impact on the minds of customers.
Best 10 Brochure Maker

Brochures are one of the most effective, versatile and cost-effective marketing tools for businesses. No matter whether you are a start-up, a small business or a long-established organization, brochures are the ideal way to showcase a business’ products or services. Just select a color scheme that complements your brand and use the best brochure maker to create incredible promotional brochures.

Let’s be honest. What’s the last eye-catching brochure that you read? Well, if you can remember it, it’s perhaps because of the exceptional design. The best brochures are attractive, create good first impressions and provide much more vital information than a business card. In fact, beautiful, professional brochures are an unbelievable way to present your organization to the world.

The article below breaks down everything you need to know about brochures.

What are the Benefits of Attractive Brochures?

Benefits of Brochures

Well-designed and well-written brochures made using a free online brochure maker can send customers the message that your business is reliable, professional and fully committed to offering the highest quality services. Making stunning brochures a part of your marketing strategy can help you reap benefits like-

  1. Cost-Effective
    Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of using brochures is that these are much more cost-effective in comparison to most online marketing plans. And, if you purchase in bulk, these can further decrease your cost.
  2. Easy Distribution
    Ensure you place the brochures strategically in several locations. This will allow your organization to relay positive information to more people and attract potential customers. Remember; when properly distributed, brochures can expand your organization’s visibility.
  3. Establishes Authority
    Printed sales like brochures help businesses in making the impression of an established business to clients. While a business card indicates credibility, a stunning brochure shows that you are willing to invest in the client.
  4. Conveys Lot Of Information
    Another key benefit of using the best brochure maker for creating beautiful brochures is that businesses can include anything and everything they need to meet the needs of their particular campaign. In comparison to other print marketing options like postcards and letters, brochures can convey much more information.
  5. Builds Trust
    Professionally designed brochures help businesses grab the attention of their potential customers and clients, thus building trust. The information which your brochure holds, help clients understand that you are a reliable company. This way, brochures can help you earn the trust of your customers and clients.

Best 10 Stunning Brochure Maker

1. EdrawMax


Key Features
  • Easy-to-use online brochure maker
  • Press-ready output
  • Great versatility
  • Built-in brochure templates
  • Free trial version
  • Free technology support
  • Enhanced effects and themes
  • A few functionalities can be improved
Supported Platforms Windows, Mac as well as Linux
Price Starts from $99
Scores from Capterra 4.6/5
Link of official website https://www.edrawsoft.com/edraw-max/


All-in-One Diagram Software
Create more than 280 types of diagrams effortlessly
Start diagramming with various templates and symbols easily
  • Superior file compatibility: Import and export drawings to various file formats, such as Visio
  • Cross-platform supported (Windows, Mac, Linux, Web)
Security Verified | Switch to Mac >>
Security Verified | Switch to Linux >>
Security Verified | Switch to Windows >>
2. Vistaprint


Key Features
  • User-friendly software
  • Customizable templates
  • Professionally designed templates
  • One-month free trial period
  • Good turnaround time
  • Limited number of elements to use
Supported Platforms Windows and Linux.
Price Starts at $9.79/month
Scores from Capterra 4.2/5
Link of official website https://vistaprint.com
3. Edraw Infographic

Edraw Infographic

Key Features
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Easy access to thousands of symbols
  • Great data visualization tools
  • Customizable chart elements
  • Beginners-friendly free brochure maker
  • Cloud collaborative
  • Cross-platform based program
  • Affordable prices
  • At times, difficult to express
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS and Linux
Price $99 for single-user license
Scores from Capterra unknown
Link of official website https://www.edrawsoft.com/edraw-infographic/
4. Microsoft Office Brochure Maker

MS Office Brochure Maker

Key Features
  • Easy to use and flexible brochure maker
  • Captivating brochure designs
  • Easy customization of templates
  • Free brochure templates
  • Easy import of content copy
  • Subscription needs annual commitment
  • Difficult navigation
Supported Platforms Windows, MacOS
Price The Office 365 for business starts from $8.25 a user per month.
Scores from Capterra unknown
Link of official website https://www.office.com/
5. Canva


Key Features
  • Professional icons, templates and more
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Collaboration tools
  • Excellent brochure designs
  • Built-in icon & asset library
  • Ease of use
  • No free trial
  • Content cannot be combined for exporting
Supported Platforms Web
Price $9.95 per month
Scores from Capterra 4.7/5
Link of official website https://www.canva.com/
6. BeFunky


Key Features
  • Precise exposure controls
  • Real-time color selection
  • Drag-and-drop feature
  • Natural user interface
  • Includes numerous free clip art images
  • Many free collage layouts
  • Not every feature is free to use
Supported Platforms Windows, iPhone, iPad and iPod
Price $6.99 per month, billed yearly
Scores from G2 4.3/5
Link of official website https://www.befunky.com/
7. Venngage


Key Features
  • Library of thousands of icons, illustrations and images
  • Drag-and-drop canvas
  • Captivating fonts
  • Privacy controls
  • Dedicated support
  • Cost-effective online brochure maker
  • Unless you pay for the premium plans, can use only 5 infographics
  • Images cannot be exported in the free version
Supported Platforms Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices
Price $49 per month for business plans
Scores from G2 4.6/5
Link of official website https://venngage.com/
8. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Key Features
  • Thousands of free icons and images
  • Best-in class themes, layouts and fonts
  • Easy customization
  • Automatic sync across iOS and web apps
  • Value for money brochure maker
  • Great customer support
  • Watermarks need to be turned off constantly
  • Only pre ium users can access branding features
Supported Platforms web, Android and iOS
Price Adobe Spark starts at $9.79/month.
Scores from G2 4.5/5
Link of official website https://www.adobe.com/
9. Flipsnack


Key Features
  • Customizable catalogs
  • Flipbook creation
  • Numerous ready-made templates
  • Real-time reporting and statistics
  • Website integration
  • HTML5 mobile widgets
  • Poor controls for moving images and texts
  • Demo pages are slow to flip
Supported Platforms Windows, Android and IOS
Price The professional plan starts from $35 per month
Scores from G2 4.6/5
Link of official website https://www.flipsnack.com/
10. Lucidpress


Key Features
  • Robust library of templates – both print and digital
  • Collaboration of files
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustable templates
  • Quick creation of brochures
  • Inadequate cloud storage
  • Difficult to scroll
Supported Platforms Works well on every operating system
Price Team plans for businesses start from $30 per month.
Scores from Capterra 4.5/5
Link of official website https://www.lucidpress.com/pages/

Attractive brochures can help your company stand out in the competition. Use an effective brochure maker and let the power of brochure marketing drive your business to great heights!

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