How to Beautify Your Diagram

To beautify your diagram and make it more compelling, Edraw offers you various ways for limitless possibilities. You can insert our vector shapes including titles, borders, illustrations and backgrounds and a lot more.

Vector shapes can remain its original clarity however adjusted. It can also keep clear after printed, imported to other applications or saved in PDF format. Therefore, it is truly a great choice to make your diagram or chart gorgeous.

Insert Illustrations to Your Drawing

  • 1. Click the Library drop down menu to open the shapes category.
  • 2. Scroll down and click Illustration category.
  • 3. Choose the illustration type you need.
  • 4. Drag your preferable illustration to the location you want to place it.
  • If you want to change its position, just select the shape and drag it. Adding illustrations can not only make your drawing results more beautiful but more vivid and expressive.

    Shaoe Libraries

    Insert Borders in Your Diagram

  • 1. Click the Library drop down menu to open the shapes category.
  • 2. Select General class.
  • 3. Drag the Border shape you like onto the document.
  • 4. Insert your title if necessary and change the Company Name and Author on the bottom.
  • Borders

    Most of the border shapes are designed with both border-top and border-bottom. If you don't need border-bottom, just insert Title shape. This operation's steps are similar with the above operation. Title shapes are also in the General category, right after Borders.

    Add Backgrounds to Your Work

    Another effective embellishment for your diagram or chart is background. Many preset backgrounds are built in the General category, put in the third line in the menu. After opening the library, choose your preferable background and then drag it to your document.


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