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How to Design An Impressive Google Plus Banner

> Edraw How-To > How to Design An Impressive Google Plus Banner
Posted by James Freeman | 01/26/2021
A simple guide on how to edit an existing infographic template to your needs and a quick overview of a powerful and humanized infographic maker.

Steps to Design Google Plus Banner

Follow below detailed steps and create an eye-catching Google Plus banner within minutes.

Step1. Run Edraw banner maker, go to File menu, click New > Banner to open a blank drawing page.

open Goole Plus banner design page

Step 2. Set the banner size by hiting PageLayout tab > Page Size > More Page Size, customize its dimension as 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall.

set Goole Plus banner size

Step 3. Drag proper banner elements from the left libraries and drop on the drawing page. Users can edit these elements if necessary.

Drag Banner Symbols

Step 4. Go to Home page and click Text to add key contents then finishing typing by clicking any blank area.

Add Content

Step 5. Choose a texture background from left libraries or select a single color background by click Background under Home page.

Choose Background

Step 6. Click Save on File tab to save the Google Plus banner as the default .eddx format; or select Export & Send to export this banner to common formats for sharing conveniently.

Save or Export Google Plus Banner

Here is an example of created Google Plus banners.

Google Plus Banner

Best Tool to Create Banner

Edraw banner maker is where you can create your own banners in all sizes easily and you can choose generating your banner from scratch or customizing from built-in templates. It provides thousands of vector symbols grouped into different categories for users to drag, drop and edit. Even a set of drawing tool are also offered for users who may want to create their own banner elements. Besides those, well-designed banner templates are also provided for helping users get started quickly.

Tips to Create Attractive Banner

Below are top 5 tips to create an impressive Google Plus banner.

  • Stick to standard sizes - 728×90px — Leader board; 300×600px — Half Page; 300×250px — Medium Rectangle; 336×280px — Large Rectangle. These are most successful banner sizes.
  • Effective banner are designed to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, thus, create a simple hierarchy of three basic elements: Branding, message and encouragement to click.
  • Make your banner contents simple and graphical since few people would like to spend their time reading large fonts with poor format.
  • Focus on fonts: make the headline striking with something bold & colorful and differentiate with others.
  • Color will be the first thing a user notices in your banner so it’s important to consider what types of emotions you want to evoke in your audience.

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