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Payment Type - Bank/Wire Transfer

> Edraw Tip > Payment Type - Bank/Wire Transfer
Posted by James Freeman | 07/05/2021
Payment Type - Bank/Wire Transfer. This allows customers to pay for their order without the high costs that may be associated with wiring to a non-local bank.

Pay to Our Online Order Form

After submitting an order with "Bank/Wire Transfer" chosen as the payment method, the customer will receive instructions on submitting their wire transfer to one of our banks. Depending on the country the customer is in, the process by which they will actually pay for their wire transfer order varies. For example, if the customer is in the U.S., then he will be given instructions on sending his wire transfer directly to a U.S.-based bank. If the customer is located in certain Western European countries, however, then they may receive what is known as a "Giro" via postal mail, through which he will then submit to his local bank. We have local banks in about 30 of the most popular countries in which orders are received -- this allows customers to pay for their orders without the high costs that may be associated with wiring to a non-local bank. For countries where we do not have a local bank, customers will receive the standard U.S. bank information.

Note: Orders paid by bank wire transfer are subject to an order processing fee. The order processing fee for customers who are given our U.S. bank information is $10.00 USD. The order processing fee for customers who are provided with remittance data for their local bank (excluding the U.S.) is $2.50 USD.

Depending on your location, you will be provided with either payment instructions on your monitor or an invoice which will be sent to you via post in the next 5-6 business days. Upon receipt of funds, an email will be sent to you as confirmation of your purchase. European customers who receive an invoice by postal mail may use the invoice to pay by bank/wire transfer or Giro.


>Some users need the IBAN and BIC code during wire transfer.

You maybe not be aware that our bank account is the United States Bank Account.
United States Banks are not involved in the IBAN System. You can do a Google/Yahoo search by just typing in IBAN Wikipedia and you will see.
Foreign banks don't realize that U.S. Banks currently do not participate in the IBAN System. When you send the payment, you can use the Swift Number. You needn't fill the IBAN.

1. In our online store, you can click the order now button to start.

2. After you submit the order, you will see the follow information.

You have selected to pay for your order using a wire transfer. When arranging for your bank wire transfer, be sure to make your bank aware that you (the customer) will be paying all bank fees involved in the bank wire transfer. Please have your bank refer to your order number when sending your wire transfer. Failure to refer to your order number in the bank wire transfer may prevent us from processing.
Please wire the amount of $xxx.xx USD / xxx.xx EUR to:
Name of beneficiary: ****** Collection Account
For credit to account number (IBAN): **********
Name of beneficiary's bank (BIC): JP Morgan Chase
Main address: 1411 Broadway New York, NY 10018
ABA Number: 021000021
Swift Number: CHASUS33
Reference: 1237793575-10564-xxxxx

3. After you paid the order, you will get your license code by your order email.

Pay to our Company Account

Step1: In the order form, you can find the software price list.

Step2: Wire transfer the amount to Edraw company account.

Note: You can use a special reference number when you pay by wire transfer.

Step3: Send an email to sales@edrawsoft.com.

You need to write it as follows:

Product Name:

First Name:

Last Name:



Receipt Email:

Step4: We will process your order after we receive the payment in common. But if you send a bank proof scan or screenshot, we will process it when we receive the proof. So you needn't to wait for about 3-5 days.

Other Payment Method:

Phone Order

Fax Order

Order by Invoice

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