Feature Overview - Auto Save

Edraw automatically saves your drawings when you create or modify them. Never worry about losing works due to system failure of power cut again.

Recover from File Recovery Panel

There are two ways to retrieve your diagrams in case of accidents. The first way is to restart Edraw and find it from the File Recovery Panel.

  • Restart Edraw.
  • Click Home tab. The File Recovery panel is docked on the left of the window.
  • Find the file you want and click it. All recovered files are listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Choose Open.
  • Save it to the location you want.
  • File Recovery

    After you save the document, Edraw also opens it. You can continue to edit it. On the bottom of the File Recovery panel, you can switch to Library panel by clicking its tab on the left.

    Recover from Auto Save Folder

    This way is just as easy. Only 4 steps.

  • Open Edraw Max folder (c:\users\user name\documents\edraw max\auto save).
  • Double click to open Auto Save file.
  • Find the document you need and double click its thumbnail to open it.
  • Continue with your diagramming.
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