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Posted by James Freeman | 11/27/2020
Try this architecture software with built-in templates for designing floor plan, office layout, fire and emergency plan, wiring plan, etc.

Professional software solution for architects without extra fees for updates, training or technical support.

To draw high quality layout software, you need high-performance software. Edraw is the best and easiest professionally-designed architectural layout solution that allows business or individuals to design floor plan, office layout and building plan. If you have a dream, you can draw it. You will see your ideas come to life with the visualization functionality of this program. The drawing results will be so vivid that you may feel like walking through your designs as if you were there. Check out easy 2D architectural design software right here.

Architectural Layout Software

Discover why Edraw is an awesome tool to draw architectural layout: Try it FREE.

Free technology support. Expert mentoring to reduce time of adaptation and maximize return on the software investment.

Software Features

  1. High performance = market leading
  2. More intuitive = easier to learn
  3. More ergonomic = quicker to use
  4. Model design = more time saved
  5. Automatic generation = no prior experienced required
  6. Dynamic integration with MS Office = easy access
  7. Flexible input and output = easy team collaboration

All the above features make our software go well beyond other similar programs. It is quite suitable for beginners but it can also rival the sophisticated Visio used by professional architects.

Solution Highlights

  1. Easy-to-use architect design tools with rich examples and templates.
  2. Great value for the money.
  3. 30-day product refund guarantee.
  4. Free update forever.
  5. In-depth tutorials to help you learn how to draw.

Building Plan Software

Change the Drawing Scale in Floor Plan

Floor Plan Software

Floor Plan Tutorial

Floor Plan

Floor Plan Symbols

Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software

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