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How to Apply Themes

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
This article illustrates how to use themes to quickly beautify drawings. This function can save you from wasting time on little things and focus on more important factors.

Theme is a combination of theme colors, theme fonts, and theme effects. A theme can be applied to a file as a single selection to change the color, font and effect once at a time, including the connectors and shapes' outline. The operation steps are listed below.

Overview of Themes

theme category

You can choose from the built-in set of themes or create your own custom themes and save them for future use. Edraw includes 16 kinds of themes such as Edraw Flat, Antique and Garden and so on. The default theme is General. They are displayed in the Themes task pane in the user interface. This task pane is divided into two parts, namely Current Theme and Built-in as shown in the right screenshot.

Apply one Theme


1. Click the Page Layout menu.
2. Click Themes on the Page Layout menu.
3. Move the pointer over the theme to check the result in real-time.
4. Click the theme you like.

Create Custom Theme

custom theme

1. Click Set Default Theme button on the Themes task pane.
2. Select the object you want to customize on the left of the dialogue box. For example, if you don't need arrows for connectors, select Connector Style.
3. Choose None from the drop down menu of End type.
4. Uncheck Save as Defau... if you don't want to save it as default theme.
5. Click Ok.
6. Click Save Current theme on the Theme task pane and then the theme will be added to the Custom category.
7. Reboot Edraw and you will see the thumbnail of your own custom theme.

Set Default Theme

set default theme

1. Move the pointer over the theme you want to set as default theme.
2. Right click to open the quick menu.
3. Click Set Default Theme.

Avoid the Effect of Themes for Certain Objects

avoid themes

Sometimes, you may need to avoid the effect of themes because you want to highlight some parts of the diagram or for other reasons. In these cases, follow these steps.

1. Select the objects you want to differentiate.
2. Add its color from the color bar at the bottom of the page.
Alternatively, choose a color from the Standard Colors in the drop down menu of Fill on Home menu.

Likewise, the Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Line settings do not change, either when applying a theme.

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