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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Diversified callout shapes for more varieties of diagrams. Users can apply them very easily and highlight key information better.

Types of Callout Shape

To challenge traditional conventions of callout, Edraw provides diversified styles of callout shapes besides lines. Some are square or rectangle; some are round. Use Side box callout to add description on the left or right. Use Mid box callout to add content over or below topics. Click here to learn more about callout shapes. Some callout shapes are designed with brace or bracket, namely braces with text, side brace, side bracket and side parenthesis.

Callout Shapes

Application of Callout Shape

Callout shapes can be used to add descriptions to topics. They are also perfect for inserting annotation. If you want to highlight something, callout shape is also a great helper. In this way, you can achieve the above purposes without influencing the main structure of your diagram. Braces are useful in categorization and summary. Take a look at the screenshots.

Application of Callout

Here are some examples to show how to apply callout shapes to improve your diagrams.

Diagrams Made with Callout Shapes Porters Five Forces Model Facts about Recycling
Funnel Chart Porters Five Forces Model Facts about Recycling


Modifying Callout Shape

After adding callouts, you can adjust them to coordinate with your shapes. Select it to show the control dots. Drag the round control handle to rotate shapes. Drag the green square control dots to change shape size. The yellow diamond handle is for changing line or text position. Four callout shapes are designed with floating buttons: braces with text, side brace, side bracket and side parenthesis. You can click the floating button to change text orientation and position or brace position.

Brace Callout

New Creative Callout Shapes

A collection of more creative callout shapes will be added in Edraw Max 8.0. Make your description and labeling more attractive with these unique callout shapes. Remember to upgrade your program.

New Callout Shapes

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