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Application of Arrow Connectors

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Arrows are useful shapes that can indicate directions or flows. Edraw includes a set of special arrow - arrow connectors. They are designed with two connection points at the beginning and ending point so that they can be used as both shapes and connectors.

Available Arrow Connectors

Edraw offers a group of special arrow shapes - arrow connectors. They can act as shapes as well as connectors since they are attached with connection points. You can use hen to create arrow diagrams and many other kinds of diagrams, such as flowcharts and workflow diagrams.

Click here to learn how to make arrows diagrams.

Arrows Diagram Symbols 3

You can resize, recolor and rotate these arrow shapes freely. Since they are readily available, you can just drag and drop them to use without drawing or downloading.

Edit Arrow Connectors

Our software also supports to copy and paste shapes to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. See the following illustration.

Arrow Connectors for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Use Arrow Connector as Shape

If the Arrow Connectors library is not open, do the followings:

  1. Click Libraries button.
  2. Scroll down to choose General category.
  3. Select Arrow Connectors.

After dragging arrow connectors onto the drawing page, you can use them to form a diagram with other shapes. Resize, rotate or connect them with other shapes. Change their styles as you like. For example you can use four Flexible Arrows to show the relationship between different elements in a UML diagram.

Deployment Configuration Diagram

All of the arrow connectors have control points (green or yellow or both). Drag the green control points to change the overall size. The yellow control dots are for adjusting a portion of the shape. Similar to other shapes, arrow connectors are also designed with text boxes. Double click to fill in content.

Change Arrow Size

Use Arrow Connector to Connect Shapes

They can function as connectors which can show relations more obviously compared with line connectors. Sometimes, they can be added more easily than connecting lines, without the necessity to enlarge line weight. But the line connectors' merit is that they only take up a little space.

  1. Drag the connector's begin point to the shape you want to connect from.
  2. Drag the connector's end point to the other shape you want to connect to.
  3. The connected points turn red when the connector is glued to the shapes.
  4. Select the arrow shape to change its style (including its fill, size and position).

Alternatively, you can also move the two shapes you want to connect to the arrow connectors on by one.

Connect Shapes

You can apply these arrow connectors to create some creative flowcharts or workflow diagrams. See some examples below.

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