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Activity Plan Mind Map Examples

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/07/2019
Below is a mind map example of activity plan created by Edraw mind map software. Users can simply use this example as a template to design your own activity plans.

Activity Plan Mind Map Examples

The Activity Plan Mind Map template can save many hours in creating great mind map by using built-in symbols right next to the canvas. You can download and modify this activity plan for your own use.

Activity Plan Mind Map Template

Download Activity Plan Mind Map Templates in PDF Format

Download Activity Plan Mind Map Templates in Editable Format

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Mind Map Example - English Camp Activity Plan

1. Morning Exercise
1.1 A Wakeup call from the hotel at 5:30 am.
1.2 Assembly in front of the hotel lobby at 5:45 am.
1.3 Walk together to the beach.
2. Watching the Sunrise
2.1 Do morning exercise together on the beach.
2.2 "Sand Art" competition with the theme "Beautiful World".
2.3 Participating teachers will be the judges.
2.4 Watching the sunrise.
3.Save the World Poster
3.1 Each group will do a poster with the theme: "SAVE THE WORLD".
3.2 The poster must show environmental awareness and responsibilities.
4. Camp Evaluation
4.1 Cleanest Camp
4.2 Best Camp Group
4.3 Best Camper Award
4.4 Sand Art
4.5 Best Poster
5.Treasure Hunting
5.1 The treasure master will give or lead them to their first clue.
5.2 The clues will be distributed into several places around the camp vicinity.
5.3 The students must only open and read the clues written in their color.
5.4 The instructions inside must be followed carefully for it will give them the direction to their next stop and eventually to the treasure.

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