Process Diagram

Process diagrams can be divided into three major categories: business process flowchart, process flow diagrams and process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).

Process Flow Diagram

A process flow diagram provides a quick snapshot of the operating unit. Flow diagrams include all primary equipment and flows. A technician can use this document to trace the primary flow of chemicals through the unit.

pfd examples

Process and Instrument Diagram

Process and instrumentation diagram is more complex and includes a graphic representation of the equipment, piping, and instrumentation. Modern process control can be clearly inserted into the drawing to provide a process technician with a complete picture of electronic and instrument systems.

Example of Process and instrument Diagram

Business Process Diagram

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Process Diagram Example

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Business Process Diagram Shapes

The following process diagram shapes include some drawing symbols for basic process diagram, multiple steps process diagram, list style process diagram and cycle style process diagram.

Process Diagram Shapes

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